Risk Warning

Before you enter foreign exchange and stock markets, you have to remember that trading currencies and other investment products is trading in nature and always involves a considerable risk. As a result of various financial fluctuations, you may not only significantly increase your capital, but also lose it completely.

Therefore, our clients have to assure International Chamber Broker that they understand all the possible consequences of such risks, they know all the specifics, rules and regulations governing the use of investment products, including corporate events, resulting in the change of underlying assets. Client understands that there are special risks and features that affect prices, exchange rates and investment products.

These risks include decrease in liquidity, price change, high volatility and circumstances beyond control.

Before you open an account with us, make sure to study in detail the user agreement, as well as the basic principles and rules of the financial markets.

International Chamber Broker is not liable for any damages that occurred as a result of government restrictions, regulations of foreign exchange or stock markets, military actions, suspension of trading and other circumstances beyond control.


Leverage risks/effect

When making transactions in terms of marginal trading, a relatively minor deviation of the rate can bring either considerable profit or losses. When the market moves against the Client, they can lose all the deposited funds. The Client shall be fully liable for the allocation of their financial resources, the relevant trading strategy, and shall take into account all leverage-related risks.

Technical Risks

The Client accepts the risks of financial losses incurred because of failures of information, communication, electronic and other systems. The Client accepts the risks of financial losses, which can happen because of the malfunction of hardware and software facilities and poor communication at the Client’s side. The Client bears responsibility for their financial losses incurred because of ignorance of the instructions presented in the Client’s Terminal Instruction Manual.

Communication Risks

The Client accepts the risks associated with unauthorized access to the information they sent (by electronic mail or using instant message service) in case it was sent unencrypted. The Client accepts the risks of financial losses incurred in the result of delay or non-receipt by Client a message from the Company. Client bears sole responsibility for the safety of confidential information received from the Company and accepts the risks of financial losses incurred in the result of unauthorized access of the third parties to the trading account.

Force Majeure

The Company holds no responsibility for any activity of the third parties, which may influence the cooperation between the Company and the Client. The Client accepts the risks of financial losses incurred in a result of force majeure circumstances: hostility, terrorist acts, acts of God, trading halts at financial markets, a sharp decrease of liquidity caused by financial market instability, currency interventions, legislation changes, changes of other parties’ conditions, etc. The Company shall bear no responsibility before the Client for any actions, inactions or omissions of a third party and also for any losses incurred by the Client in a result of actions, inactions or omissions of a third party unless such losses directly arise from the Company’s willful default or fraud or gross negligence. The Company shall also bear no responsibility or liability for unfavorable consequences for the Client due to the insolvency/bankruptcy of a third party.


International Chamber Broker Ltd (hereinafter called the "Company") is an International Business Company regulated by the International Financial Services Commission Belize (license number IFSC/60/126/ICTS). This document cannot and does not disclose or explain all of the risks and other significant aspects involved in dealing in Financial Instruments and CFDs (contracts for difference) and was designed to explain additional risks related to dealing in the CFDs on virtual currencies provided by the Company and help the Client to take investment decisions on an informed basis.

This document should be read together with the General Risk Disclosure.

What are the additional risks related to virtual currencies?

  • 1. The trading virtual currencies is not regulated under the regulatory framework governing in every jurisdiction.
  • 2. Virtual currencies are complex and high risk and as such come with a high risk of losing all the invested capital.
  • 3. Virtual currencies entail a high risk of losing all the invested capital.
  • 4. Virtual currencies values are subject to extreme price volatility and hence may result in significant loss over a short period of time.
  • 5. Virtual currencies are not appropriate for all investors. As such, customers should not engage in trading in relation to such products if they a) do not have the necessary knowledge in this specific product; or b) if they cannot bear the loss of the entire invested amount. Customers must be fully aware of, and understand, the specific characteristics and risks in relation to these products.
  • 6. The fees and costs entailed are provided on the official website of the Company in the Contract Specifications section.